What are some of the Global Brand Guy’s new product development successes?

First, I achieved the highest operating results in the powered cleaning business at Black & Decker using both new products and growing the core Dustbuster franchise resulting in a $100MM business with 15% operating income. One of these product lines – Scumbuster cordless wet scrubbers – was the single largest dollar SKU in the history of Black & Decker. My second accomplishment was the turnaround of the Black & Decker Garment Care business – or irons – with reinvigorated and new product platforms resulting in a $20MM positive operating income swing. Finally, I succeeded in helping to offset core business declines in shocks/struts/and emission control at Tenneco/Monroe Auto Parts – with the development and launch of both DuPont Car Care products and Monroe Brakes. This resulted in $25MM of new businesses in product categories completely new to Tenneco’s aftermarket.