The Brand Marketing Advisors team has brand building capabilities combined with profit & loss responsibilities in global consumer product businesses ($200MM+) in multiple product categories.

  • We’ve restored profitability for declining consumer businesses in commoditized categories via differentiation marketing strategies – increasing operating income/EBITDA by $25MM.
  • We uncover unique brand building communications leading to increased sales – Identified and launched 17 TV commercials/infomercials/QVC, print and digital.
  • We have a passion for innovating, patenting and marketing new product ideas from inception through launch – via marrying consumer insights & new functional technologies into new patentable businesses and brands.
  • Our team has developed and launched 20 new products generating over $200MM in sales – in both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) sectors.
  • We’re recognized by industry peers as a subject matter expert both in staged tollgate new product development processes and persuasive marketing communications programs.

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Distribution Channel/Product Category Experience

Class of TradeProduct Category
GroceryFood, Household Cleaning, Cleaning Tools
DrugHousehold Cleaning, Personal Care Electrics
Mass MerchantFood, Household Cleaning, Car Care Maintenance, Small Electrics, Personal Care Appliances, Sporting Goods, Home Improvement, Paints & Coatings, Cleaning Tools
On/Off Golf Shops Golf Equipment
Specialty Retailers/ClubsFood, Small Electrics, Personal Care Appliances, Cleaning Tools
CatalogsSmall Electrics, Cleaning Tools
Home Center/HardwareSmall Electrics, Car Care Maintenance, Home Improvement, Cleaning Tools, Paints & Coatings
Two & Three Step DistributorsFood, Small Electrics, Car Care Maintenance, Automotive Hard Parts, Home Improvement, Paints & Coatings, Cleaning Tools
Automotive RetailersCar Care Maintenance – Appearance & Functional Fluids
Direct Response Informercials/QVCSmall Electrics, Personal Care Electrics, Cleaning Tools