How can you learn more? Just click on the case studies or competency / experience link below for details on how Brand Marketing Advisors has grown other brands via new product innovations:

Case Studies:

1) Consumer segmentation leading to breakthrough new branding & product strategies: Black & Decker’s Garment Care Business

2) Developing a brand new product idea / category: Black & Decker’s Cleaning Business

3) Differentiation marketing in commoditized categories: Remington Women’s Haircare Business

4) Expand your business through unlocking your brand equity: Quickie Manufacturing

5) Marketing leadership via brand equity building: Tenneco/Monroe Auto Parts

6) Rick Steinbrenner – The Global Brand Guy – Consolidated Business Case Studies

 Core Competencies/Experience:

  • The Brand Marketing Advisors team has had profit & loss responsibilities in global consumer product businesses ($200MM+) in multiple product categories.
  • We’ve restored profitability for declining consumer businesses in commoditized categories – increasing operating income/EBITDA by $25MM.
  • We uncover unique brand marketing communications leading to increased brand equity and sales – Identified and launched 17 TV commercials/infomercials/QVC, print, digital.
  • We have a passion for innovating, patenting and marketing new product ideas from inception through launch – via marrying consumer insights & new functional technologies into new patentable businesses.
  • Our team has developed and launched 20 new products generating over $200MM in sales – in both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) sectors.
  • We’re recognized by industry peers as a subject matter expert both in staged tollgate new product development processes and persuasive marketing communication programs

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