There are a number of service options Brand Marketing Advisors can assist growing your business.

1) Initial Consultation: If you just want a simple high level consultation to tap into our extensive brand marketing and new product development expertise we offer a one hour sessions costing only $150.   Session venues can be simple conference calls, in-person meetings, Skype, or any other online project management type formats.  

2) Project Basis:  We can work with you on total project cost basis if you wish.  This usually works best if you have specific and well defined needs that aren’t subject to change.  For example, certain market research studies, retail audits and certain analyses where time spent on your project can be easily projected and quoted.  Cost will vary based on project scope.

3) Initiative Basis:  If your initiative scope is rather broad and time needs are hard to define on the front end, we can work with you to develop a hourly rate that will fit your budget and needs.  Our hourly rates usually range from $100-$200/hour and we can be available either on site or over the phone at times/places of your choosing.

4) Speaking Engagements:  Brand Marketing Advisors can provide guest lecturers for university classes, guest speakers for various types of executive conferences and also develop and lead custom seminars on brand marketing and new product development to larger teams within organizations.  We have a number of standard presentation templates on different topics that are available which can be customized to your needs.  This can be a flat rate or hourly rate depending on your needs.  


Billing is via invoicing (net 30 days) and there is a 2 day/week minimum for initiative based projects regardless of activity level from clients.  Travel and other project expenses are billed at cost and are separate from consulting rates.  Usually if other resources are needed we help set up them to bill you directly vs. through us.  We can still coordinate your needs they will just bill you for work done under your direction.