Our Client:

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We are Design Partners. Located in Racine, WI, it’s not just our name; it’s how we work. Being a true partner is about our vision and commitment, and it’s how we’ve run our business of brand strategy and brand design for over 27 years. Through superior brand design and our relentless service ethic, we support your business growth with every consumer touch point that we create together. Our staff of 30 partners is committed to your success.

What They Say:

I have known Rick for the better part of 10 years now and can tell you he’s someone you should look at. His skills and leadership in general management, P&L/cost control, strategic & tactical marketing, branding and new product development are difficult to find amongst his peers. Very few have the skills and capabilities Rick has. I have worked with Rick as a client now with two major automotive manufacturers and is very good at scoping out problems, devising alternatives, developing a plan and working with me and my design team to get things to market in a timely and effective fashion. In addition, he’s also flexible, adaptable, creative and works well with Design Partners and my team – he’s a good listener. He’s actually brought new business to our design firm. I would love to work with him again with another major manufacturer. You couldn’t do much better than Rick”.

Tom Coady – Vice President, Brand Development – Design Partners, Racine, WI