Consumer Segmentation Leading To Breakthrough New Branding Strategies; Developing A $30MM Business From Zero: Black & Decker’s Garment Care Business

This case study discusses the power of understanding your consumer and identifying their “need gaps” vs. competitive products. Attitudinal segmentation can show how consumers really think when approaching a purchase decision. This helps to reveal new products and/or features directions that can give a new product a competitive edge in the marketplace. The example of developing a new business from nothing is presented for Black & Decker’s Garment Care Business.

Developing A New Business With Consumer Segmentation – Download

Developing A Brand New Product Idea / Category: Black & Decker’s Cleaning Business

This case study discusses the importance of keeping your product line evergreen through a combination of both updating your current line plus exploiting new product categories.  If you don’t continually innovate, you competitors will do it for you and your business will suffer.  This shows how the “Buster” franchise at Black & Decker not only found a way to update their hugely successful Dustbuster business; but were also able to use consumer and attitudinal segmentation to find completely new and unexploited adjacent product categories.  The result was a huge hit with consumers since it addressed new trends in everyday household cleaning.
Differentiation Marketing In Commoditized Categories: Remington’s Women’s Haircare Business
This case study demonstrates the power of innovation and how it can help turnaround a business even in a commoditized category.  All it takes is vision and the desire to better understand consumer need gaps.  Remington Products women’s haircare business exploited new opportunities in very mature markets and this helped turn their business around.

Expand Your Business Through Unlocking Your Brand Equity: Quickie Manufacturing

This case study discusses the importance of understanding your brand equity – especially in consideration of new product initiatives in adjacent product categories.  Will consumers allow your brand to go there?  Quickie Manufacturing understood this and was successful in evolving from just a hand cleaning tool (mop & broom) company into a cleaning solutions company.

Marketing Leadership Via Brand Equity Building: Tenneco / Monroe Auto Parts
This is a case study describing how a major automotive aftermarket supplier looking to offset declines in their core business used brand building strategies and found success in an adjacent product categories.

Rick Steinbrenner – The Global Brand Guy – Consolidated Business Case Studies

This is a compilation of 5 separate case studies on businesses at Quickie Manufacturing, Remington Products, Black & Decker Household and Tenneco/Monroe Auto Parts.  It discusses how Rick Steinbrenner – the global brand guy – saw the problem, developed an effective action plan and the results.